Planning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for EveryonePlanning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for Everyone

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Planning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for Everyone

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Emilie, and I love to party. I love planning almost every type of event from small intimate dinner parties to large lavish weddings. While I've planned parties in homes, hotels and other indoor venues, I love the challenge of planning outdoor parties. I love pairing decorations to match the scenery, I love the thrill of the unexpected, and I love the feeling when everything has gone right. If you are thinking about planning an outdoor party, you need to explore this space. Here, I plan to post everything from tips to ideas and more. Enjoy and have a fabulous party!



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Divorce should get you more presents that a weddin

How to Plan the Ultimate Divorce Party

Divorce should get you more presents that a wedding engagement. You've just lost half of you stuff to the other person and all of a sudden you have less money and you actually do need a toaster. Rather than wallow in the murky depths of what went wrong in your marriage, why not throw a divorce party and write yourself a registry list? Here's some idea to get you in theme.


Get some black-themed party supplies, like sprays of black helium balloons and black serviettes. This looks both classy and thematically appropriate.

Hire a cocktail machine

Hire a cocktail machine from a party hire firm and rename the cocktails with themed names like 'Single, Ready to Mingle' and 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy'.

Hire a DJ or music system

You can finally play all the songs you liked but your ex didn't—you can finally play Nickelback or Taylor Swift as loud as you want without them sighing or groaning. If you don't have a good dancing space you can always hire a marquee from a party hire store and set your backyard up as party central.


  • Find a plain pinata, and stick a picture of your ex on it. Invite everyone to take a swing. You can fill it with delicious candy still!
  • For a twist on pin the tail on the donkey, you can have stab my ex in the back and use sticky paper knifes.
  • Play the peg game, where people lose a peg every time they use specific words like you ex's name, or dating. The person with the most pegs win a prize.

Set up a photo booth

Now you are ridding the house of all of those cute couple photos, take a chance to get some fun photos of you and your friends having a great time. You can set on up using your computer a backdrop, or hire a booth from a party hire store.

Have a gift registry

You probably do need new bed linen and kitchen appliances at least. If you have any items that you want to get rid of due to emotional connections, leave them out on a table so people can choose anything they like. One man's trash can be another friend's treasure.

After the party

Hire a cleaner to come and clean up the next day while you head out for a brunch. That way you don't spend the next day regretting the mess your party made.