Planning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for EveryonePlanning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for Everyone

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Planning Perfect Outdoor Parties Every Time: Tips for Everyone

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Emilie, and I love to party. I love planning almost every type of event from small intimate dinner parties to large lavish weddings. While I've planned parties in homes, hotels and other indoor venues, I love the challenge of planning outdoor parties. I love pairing decorations to match the scenery, I love the thrill of the unexpected, and I love the feeling when everything has gone right. If you are thinking about planning an outdoor party, you need to explore this space. Here, I plan to post everything from tips to ideas and more. Enjoy and have a fabulous party!



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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Anything or Anyone for a Party

Your parties don't need to be bland, boring affairs when there are so many possibilities for party hire and rentals today. You can hire talent by way of a band or singer, magician, comedian, or even an artist who does quick portraits, or you can rent games, small carnival rides, and fun food machines. Before you rent any equipment or hire anyone for a party, note a few important questions you need to ask first. This will ensure you know what's involved with the rental and that it goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Ask what power and shelter is needed, if any 

Certain equipment that you hire for a party may not need any power and may be fine when exposed to the elements, but if you're hiring a band to play for you, they may need a certain amount of power and may also be concerned about their instruments being exposed to rain and other extreme conditions. You may also need to provide power for catering equipment, lights, and so on. Always ask about these needs before you choose a rental so you know if you will need a generator and, if so, how powerful it will need to be. In turn, you can figure these costs into your party budget or make a different decision about your rental choices.

2. Ask what happens if anything gets damaged

If you're renting party equipment for the kids to play in, you need to know what to do if it gets damaged. Typically, you may be required to call right away and, in some cases, a replacement bounce house or other piece can be delivered. 

A hired band or any performer and every rental agency you work with should have their own insurance that covers the cost of such damage, but you need to know about this beforehand. If they don't have an insurance policy for all events, this can put you at financial risk in case something gets damaged.

3. Ask questions about the setup and teardown of equipment or stage

How much room does a performer need to be seen by everyone, and will a band need extra time to setup and teardown their own stage? Will the rental agency be on hand after delivery in order to ensure that party equipment is set up properly? What do you need to do to assist with teardown of the equipment or a stage area, if anything? Be sure you understand everything involved in the before-and-after part of renting or hiring for a party so you're properly prepared.